We spend a huge amount of time on our feet, and wearing comfortable footwear is vitally important.  

However comfortable footwear depends on a number of factors including fit, design, size, and material of your footwear. 

Poorly fitted shoes can injure your feet and make walking painful so remember these tips when you are shopping for your next pair of shoes:

  • Avoid shoes that are tight or narrow – they will squeeze your toes and cause trauma to the skin, nails, and feet. Make sure your shoes are not too loose either as they may cause friction which can cause blisters and injuries. Your shoes should be comfortable and snug around your feet. 
  • The fabric of your shoes is important – it should allow your feet to breathe along with being malleable enough to fit the structure and shape of your foot comfortably. 

  • When choosing footwear for hiking or running, make sure you take into account that your feet may swell when you are active so your new shoes should allow for this – consider purchasing shoes a half size bigger to accommodate this.
  • Always buy shoes later in the afternoon when your feet are at their optimum size as they swell during the day. 
  • Buy the correct shoes for the correct activity for example – shoes for running should provide support and cushioning for your feet to prevent injuries. They should be sturdy enough to withstand vigorous movement and help absorb ground forces during activity. 

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