Ageing takes its toll on the feet but with a long list of health-related issues to take care of as we age, out-of-sight tasks like footcare can be easily forgotten. 

Over time, feet flatten and become wider and the fatty ‘padding’ wears down leaving the bones and the joints of the feet much more exposed to wear and tear. 

A seemingly insignificant injury such as a blister can impair mobility and function in older adults. 

Older people, therefore, need advice, education and support to maintain their foot health. It’s also very likely that an older person may not have the ability to reach their feet which means ‘hidden’ issues can be ignored and escalate quickly. 

Here are five tips to keep older feet healthy (and what you can do to help an older person in your care):

  • Keep feet clean. 
  • Moisturise Feet. 
  • Trim nails
  • Monitor sores.
  • Address pain. 

Even small actions can have an impact on foot health. Taking care of the feet, either personally or regularly visiting your local foot care clinic can help prevent problems. 

At Reed Footcare Clinic we can treat your foot pain but also advise on products, exercises, footwear, and lifestyle, and we can help if you are an older person suffering from diabetes, too. 

If you have a problem with your feet or you know an older person who does, please get in touch.