Did you know that our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands?  

It’s no wonder at times our feet can feel really sweaty!  You can do several things to help manage this condition and avoid issues such as athletes’ foot and fungal foot conditions, particularly at this time of year.  

Here are some valuable tips:

Wash your feet every day with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to properly dry your feet after, including in between your toes, to eliminate any moisture! Remember fungus loves a damp, moist environment.

You can use surgical spirits to help dry out your feet and the excess sweat – just a few drops on some cotton wool and rub the bottom of your feet. Additionally, you can give your feet a quick baking soda bath to help with any lingering foot odour.

Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into a basin, fill it with warm water, and rest your feet for 20 minutes. Follow up with a thorough towel dry, especially between the toes! 

Consider buying a powder to absorb excess moisture. Some powders on the market are also antifungal, if you suffer from a fungal infection, like athlete’s foot. Apply to clean feet daily to keep them dry.

Wearing the right pair of socks is key for preventing sweaty feet. Socks made of materials like wool, bamboo, and cotton are ideal, as they offer great ventilation. Avoid nylon socks and tights, as they do not wick away moisture.

Always change socks at least once a day and twice if your feet are very sweaty or you play a lot of sports. Pop a backup pair in your bag in case you need a lunchtime change.

Rotate your footwear! Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row – rather let them dry out and wear them every second day. Most boots and trainers tend to trap moisture so choose shoes made of a material like leather, which is much more breathable, or runners that are made of a mesh material that allows for air circulation. 

If you suspect you might have a fungal infection or other footcare issues or concerns then don’t delay in getting them treated as soon as possible – call us today for a check-up.