Happy Feet!

Happy Feet!

We have all heard the age-old advice that the two most important things to invest in are good shoes and a good bed!

Feet and sleep are both important to your overall health and feet are affected by a range of issues including diabetes, arthritis, and obesity, and age.  As we age the ability of feet to support our daily activities can change and loss of foot health can limit our mobility leading to social isolation or lack of independence.

We spend most of our waking hours at work and many people have occupations that place significant demands on their feet.  We want to make sure that foot health is given the priority it deserves.

There are huge benefits of walking for your health. You can walk indoors on a treadmill or outside in the city or country, at home or away. You can get all the benefits of moderate exercise with a low risk of injury. And walking is free!

Like other forms of regular moderate exercise, walking improves cardiac risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, and mental stress. And if cardiac protection and a lower death rate are not enough to get you moving, consider that walking also helps protect against dementia, peripheral artery disease, obesity, depression, and colon cancer.

Walk to the shops, walk up the stairs, walk to a friend’s house, walk to the pub. And do not forget to walk the dog (if you do not have one then get one or borrow one – you will be doing your friends a favour). You will see more of life and feel lots better. Put your best foot forward!