If we had a euro for every patient that told us their foot problems started when they were children! 

It’s so important to pay attention to your children’s feet and make sure they take care of their feet from an early age.  

Here are our top key tips to look after your children’s foot health now and as they grow: 

Choose the correct-sized shoes. This is key to the future of a child’s foot health. Be sure you get your child’s feet measured each time you go to buy new shoes – their feet grow quickly and will need to be accommodated properly in their shoes. 

Don’t be casual with sports shoes. Ill-fitting sports shoes are the number one cause of issues such as ingrown toenails and sports injuries in children. Be sure their shoes are comfortable, supportive and wide-fitting to prevent issues and injuries. 

Keep your child’s feet clean and dry. Teach children to wash between their toes when they have their bath or shower. Drying between the toes is just as important and if you notice that their feet are wet or sweaty encourage them to change their socks and dry out their shoes. 

Address any pain or discomfort immediately. If your child experiences any pain or discomfort in their feet, ankles or legs don’t ignore it. Make sure you contact your local foot clinic and get their pain investigated to prevent any long-term issues. 

When your child is ready to walk, they’ll walk. Don’t force them to walk sooner than they are able. Watch how they walk and if you see any unusual walking habits such as walking on their toes then observe closely and see if they grow out of it.  

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